GOAL 2018 presentation: Scott Williams, BJ’s

Global Aquaculture Advocate

People who are ‘passioned about your industry’ will change your business

We’ve now posted all six of the presentations from the exciting and fast-paced session at GOAL, “Thoughts on the Future of Aquaculture.” Each speaker was asked to speak about “building confidence in aquaculture.” This week’s speaker, the final in the series, is Scott Williams of BJ’s Wholesale.

Previous posts include Sunil Kadri, founder of Aquaculture Innovation; Matthew Thompson, aquaculture project lead at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at New England Aquarium; Robert Jones, global aquaculture lead at The Nature Conservancy; and Isaac Fraynd of Netherlands-based impact investment firm Aqua-Spark; and Jennifer Bushman, Route to Market Services.

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