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Empresa de Escocia perfeccionando bacteriófagos en asesinos de enfermedades acuícolas

La empresa escocesa de biotecnología Fixed Phage quiere embotellar los poderes de los bacteriófagos para desplegar estas "bacterias asesinas" sobre algunas de las enfermedades acuícolas más destructivas del mundo. 

Human enteric viruses in shellfish, part 2
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Human enteric viruses in shellfish, part 2

Since bivalve shellfish filter large volumes of water to feed, they can accumulate and concentrate bacteria and viruses from various pollution sources. Among enteric viruses, noroviruses are the leading cause of gastroenteritis in humans who consume affected shellfish. Current wastewater treatments fail to enZsure the complete removal of viral pathogens that can be discharged into fresh, marine and estuarine waters and therefore contaminate shellfish-growing waters. The detection of noroviruses in food relies on molecular techniques.