The uni MPB belt is the world’s most cleanable straight-running 2-inch pitch belt

Ammeraal Beltech

Versatile product suitable for the needs of the seafood industry

uni mpb belt
Ammeraal Beltech’s uni MPB belt features excellent stability and release capabilities, superior drainage and outstanding cleanability.

Ammeraal Beltech’s uni MPB belt is the most cleanable straight-running 2-inch pitch belt in the world!

The uni MPB 25% Open features excellent stability, grip and product release capabilities, combined with superior drainage properties and outstanding cleanability.

With a variety of styles and strong materials, this product is versatile in multiple food industries, particularly in the seafood industry.

The uni MPB 25% Open, with or without indents, meets all the industry requirements and Food Safety regulations for the fish industry and other wet food processing applications.


  • Designed for seafood processing, but suitable for many different food applications that require grip, non-stick, and drainage properties
  • Designed to avoid product damage
  • Reduces sanitation downtime and water usage
  • Compatible with uni UltraClean sprockets for optimal hygienic performance and easier maintenance
  • Easy belt repair and replacement

And now, Ammeraal Beltech uni brings a new evolution to its MPB 25% to make it the “Best-in-class” solution for fish processing. The uni Flat, Roundbar flight with is available in two large single-length sizes to fit the K1800 and K2400 SL belts, and can also be cut to be used on smaller belt widths. This new design was made to counter common challenges in the fish industry with a focus on food safety and reducing costs.

New design for growing challenges

uni mpb belt
The uni Flat, Roundbar flight is gentle on fish and skin, reducing product damage.
  • The single, large integral flight eliminates the issues of damage to small sections of a flight and misalignment of individual sections
  • Gentle on fish and skin, reducing product damage
  • Integrated round bar design eliminates “welded round bars” issues
  • Improved hygiene avoids bacteria traps
  • Increased wear-resistance on top of flight
  • Eliminates need for machined indents
  • Increased lateral stability on the belt

For more belting solutions like the uni MPB 25% Open, contact your local sales representative or visit our website.

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