September 19-22 — Guangzhou, China

September 19

— Aquafeed Sustainability —
Anton Immink, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership — Fishmeal & Fish Oil Fisheries: Current Status & Future Opportunities
Duncan Leadbitter, Fish Matter — The Quest for Sustainable, Responsible Fishmeal
Giovani Turchini, Deakin University — Fishmeal/Fish Oil Use in Aquafeed & the Evolving Nutritional Profile of Farmed Seafood
Kim Thanh Nguyen, Kim Delta Co. Ltd. — Challenges & Solutions for Responsible Sourcing of Fishmeal & Fish Oil in Vietnam
Dr. Neil Auchterlonie, IFFO — Ensuring Marine Ingredients Derived from Reduction Fisheries or Fishery Byproducts Originate from Responsible Sources

September 20

— Opening Address —
Wally Stevens, Global Seafood Alliance — Opening Address

— Keynote Addresses —
Fan Xubing, Beijing Seabridge Marketing & Consulting Co. Ltd. — Trends In Seafood Branding In China
Dr. Michael Fabinyi, University of Technology Sydney — Trends In Consumer Purchasing Behaviors In China

— Animal Health & Welfare —
Robins McIntosh, Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Co. — Update on Early Mortality Syndrome
Dr. Hamish Rodger, Vet-Aqua International — Progress on Sea Lice Control in Salmon and Streptococcosis in Tilapia
Iain Shone, Global Seafood Alliance — Zone Management Program: Biosecurity Area Management Standard

— Global Aquaculture Production Data & Analysis —
Jim Anderson, University of Florida — Farmed Shrimp Production Data & Analysis
Ragnar Tveteras, University of Stavanger — Farmed Finfish Production Data & Analysis

September 21

— Keynote Address —
Dr. Wang Maohua, China Registration, Certification & Accreditation Administration (CNCA) — Food Safety in China

— Aquafeed Sustainability —
Giovani Turchini, Deakin University — Fishmeal/Fish Oil Use in Aquafeed & the Evolving Nutritional Profile of Farmed Seafood

— Perception-Reality Analysis of Shrimp, Pangasius —
Dr. David Little, University of Sterling — Assessment & Communication of Toxicological Risk/Safety of Consuming Farmed Shrimp
Simon Bush, University of Wageningen — Perception-Reality Analysis of Vietnamese Pangasius

— Social Responsibility —
Jeremy Prepscius, Bureau of Social Responsibility — Supply Chain Accountability

— E-Commerce —
Clark Meng, — Trends in Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce
Helen Gao, Gfresh — How to Succeed in China’s Online B2B Market

September 22

— Keynote Address —
Mike Velings, Aqua-Spark — The Triple Impact of Responsible Aquaculture

— Intensive Pond Aquaculture —
Jian (Jim) Zhang, U.S. Soybean Export Council — Trends in Intensive Pond Aquaculture

— Presentation of Global Aquaculture Innovation Award, Sponsored by Preferred Freezer Services —
Karin Pittman, University of Bergen — The Presence of Health: Quantidoc’s Mucosal Mapping Technology

— Environment & Sustainability —
Adolfo Alvial, Chilean National Agency for Economic Development (CORFO) — Latest Developments in Chile’s Algal Bloom
Michael Tlusty, New England Aquarium, University of Massachusetts-Boston — Assessing the Breadth & Depth of Shrimp Aquaculture Certification Schemes
Flavio Corsin, IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative — Developments in Aquaculture Improvement
Herman Wisse, Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative — Update on GSSI
Sonja Schmid, Global Social Compliance Programme/The Consumer Goods Forum — Update on GSCP

— Closing Address —
Travis Larkin, The Seafood Exchange — Closing Address