September 25-27 — Guayaquil, Ecuador

September 25

— Opening Address —
Andrew Mallison, Global Seafood Alliance — Opening Address

— Welcoming Address —
José Antonio Camposano, Ecuador’s La Cámara Nacional de Acuacultura — Welcoming Address

— Keynote Address — 
Wally Stevens, Global Seafood Alliance & Lisa Vollbrecht, Kampachi Farms — The Power of Collaboration: Past and Future Perspectives on Global Aquaculture

— Global Aquaculture Production Data & Analysis —
Jim Anderson, University of Florida — Farmed Shrimp Production Data & Analysis
Ragnar Tveteras, University of Stavanger — Farmed Finfish Production Data & Analysis

— From Adolescence to Adulthood: Bringing Consistency and Confidence to a Volatile Shrimp Market —
Allan Cooper, Marinasol — Sustainable and Consistent: Intensive Shrimp Farming in Peru
Loc Tran, ShrimpVet Laboratory — Science in Shrimp Farming and Recent Innovations in Hatchery and Production Systems in Vietnam
Rodrigo Laniado, S.O.N.G.A. — Shrimp Production Evolution in Ecuador
Allan Cooper, Marinasol — Can Shrimp Be The Next Hass Avocados?

September 26

— Seafood Marketing: Is It Time for a Unified Approach — 
Jeff Regnart, Jeff Regnart Consulting / Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute — Success Story: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
Ragnar Tveteras, University of Stavanger — The Case of Norwegian Seafood

— Science Nonfiction: How Biotechnology is Shaping Food’s Future —
Vonnie Estes, Estes Consulting — Biotechnology: Improving Ways to Feed, Fuel & Heal the World
Question-and-Answer Panel Discussion:
Vonnie Estes, Estes Consulting
Larry Feinberg, KnipBio
Michael Tlusty, UMass Boston
David Tze, NovoNutrients
Moderator: James Wright, Global Seafood Alliance

— Reputation at Risk: How Animal Welfare, Antimicrobial Resistance and Social Responsibility Are Shaping Consumer Perception of Farmed Seafood —
Marie Molde, Datassential & Arlin Wasserman, Changing Tastes — U.S. Marketplace Landscape: Opportunities in Humane Aquaculture Production
Elizabeth Wellington, University of Warwick School of Life Sciences — Antimicrobial Resistance & Aquaculture
Constanza Alvial, The Pro Bono Network of the Americas — What Do We Understand about Social Responsibility?
Michael Sansolo, Sansolo Solutions, Surviving The New Realities of Omni-channel Retail

— Where the Marketplace Stands on Aquaculture’s Opportunities and Challenges — 
Question-and-Answer Panel Discussion:
Eric Buckner, Sysco Corp.
Derrick Guss, Disney
Satoshi Matsumoto, Japanese Consumers Co-Operative Union
David Wier, Meijer
Moderator: Chris Trosin, Best Aquaculture Practices

— Where the Marketplace Stands on Aquaculture’s Opportunities and Challenges — 
Question-and-Answer Panel Discussion:
Xindong Chen, Vinh Hoan Corp.
Ella Cranmer, J. Sykes & Sons
George Smith, World Master Chef & Dublin Institute of Technology
Jennifer Wandler, US Foods
Scott Williams, BJ’s Wholesale Club
Mike Berthet, Best Aquaculture Practices

— What’s Aquaculture’s Role in a World Shaped by Climate Change? —
Halley Froehlich, University of California Santa Barbara
Olavur Gregersen, Ocean Rainforest — The Story of Ocean Rainforest

— Power of Collaboration: Driving Improvements in Feed Fisheries —
Question-and-Answer Panel Discussion:
Francisco Aldon, IFFO RS
Teddy Escarabay, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
Vidar, Gundersen BioMar
Kathya Tennyson, Padovani Vitapro
Libby Woodhatch, IFFO RS
Moderator: Dan Lee, Best Aquaculture Practices

— Expanding Aquaculture through the Nutrition Value Proposition —
Question-and-Answer Panel Discussion:
Bert Bachmann, Camanchaca
Vidar Gundersen, BioMar
Jill Kauffman Johnson, Corbion Algae Ingredients
Moderator: Steve Hart, Global Seafood Alliance

September 27

— What Can Aquaculture Learn from Kipster? —
Neil Manchester, Hendrix Genetics — Value Creation from Innovation, Sustainability & Collaboration: The Four Pillars of Revolution

— Selling Solutions: A Marketer’s Guide to Driving Seafood Sales —
Matt Brooker, The Fishin’ Company — Selling Starts With the Consumer
Wakao Hanaoka, Seafood Legacy — Where Seafood Business in Japan is Heading

— Building Confidence in Aquaculture: Thoughts on the Future in the Pecha Kucha Style —
Jennifer Bushman, Route to Market Services — Presentation
Isaac Fraynd, Aqua-Spark — Presentation
Robert Jones, The Nature Conservancy — Presentation
Sunil Kadri, AquaInnovation — Presentation
Matt Thompson, Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at New England Aquarium — Presentation
Scott Williams, BJ’s Wholesale Club — Presentation

— You Decide: Global Aquaculture Innovation Award Finalists Make Their Pitch, Sponsored by Skretting —
Cristián Moreno, MNL Group — The Futerpenol Story
Mihir Pershad, VakSea — VakSea: Immune-Boosting Protein Feed Additives for Aquaculture
Zach Stein, Osmo Systems — Osmobot: Cutting Edge Water Quality Sensor Technology

— Disruptive Technology: Is Seafood Ready for the Blockchain Age? —
Question-and-Answer Panel Discussion:
Jayson Berryhill, Eachmile Technologies / Fishcoin
Nancy O’Mallon, Earth Twine
Peter Larkins, TraceRegister
Moderator: Andy Raynor, Global Seafood Alliance

— Final Take: Where the Marketplace Stands on the Hottest Topics of GOAL 2018 —
Question-and-Answer Panel Discussion:
Sidney Azambuja, Red Lobster Seafood Co.
Mark Earnest, Captain D’s
Frank Huang,
Jiro Takeuchi, Bonmea GmbH
Lisa Wehrman, US Foods
Moderator: Iain Shone, Global Seafood Alliance

— Closing Address —
Travis Larkin, The Seafood Exchange — Closing Address