November 6-9 — Santiago, Chile

DAY 1 — November 7

Wally Stevens, Global Seafood Alliance — Opening Remarks (Video 1 | Video 2)
Pablo Galilea, Chile Undersecretariat for Fisheries (Video)
José Ramón Gutierrez, SalmonChile (Video)
Pablo Longueira, Chile Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism — Formal Welcome
Ricardo Garcia, Camanchaca — Keynote Address: Managing Aquaculture’s Future (Video)

— Production Data —
George Chamberlain, Global Seafood Alliance — Introduction (Video)
James Anderson, World Bank — Fish 2030 (Video)
Diego Valderrama, University of Florida — Shrimp Production Review (Video)
Ragnar Tveteras, University of Stavanger — Fish, Bivalves Production Review (Video)
Ragnar Nystoyl, Kontali Analyse — Salmon Production Review (Video)

— Health Management —
George Chamberlain, Global Seafood Alliance  — Introduction
Adolfo Alvial, Adolfo Alvial Consultancies — Chile’s Recovery From ISA (Video 1 | Video 2)
Roland Ibarra, Instituto Technologico del Salmon/Intesal-SalmonChile — Recovery From ISA Crisis (Video)
Ron Bergevoet, Wageningen University and Research Centre — Carrying Capacity in Chile’s Salmon Industry (Video)
Randall Brummet, World Bank — Lesson Sharing for Aquatic Animal Health (Video)

— Additional Panelists —
John Forster, Consultant (Video)
Fred Kibenge, University of Prince Edward (Video)
Jose Miguel Burgos, Chile Undersecretariat for Fisheries (Video)

— Special Presentation —
José Ramón Gutierrez, SalmonChile — Chilean Experience/Double in a Decade — Responsibly (Video)

— Business Innovation Meetings —
Billund Aquaculture — Future Trends in Recirculation Technology
TVS Technologia — Seabed Recovery System

DAY 2 — November 8

— Global Aquaculture Investment —
Jeff Fort, Global Seafood Alliance — Introduction
Gorjan Nikolik, Rabobank International — Keynote Address: Investment Dynamics in Aquaculture
Jose Mujica, Claro and Associates — Banking View
Colin Guheen, Cowen and Co. — Financial Analyst View
Mitchell Presser, Paine and Partners — Private Equity View, Invested
Drew Tarlow, Pegasus Capital Advisors — Private Equity View, Looking to Invest (Video)
Victor Hugo Puchi, AquaChile — Case Study on Investment (Spanish) (Video)

— Environmental Perspectives Panel —
Dan Lee, Global Seafood Alliance — Introduction (Video)
Dawn Purchase, Marine Conservation Society — NGO View (Video)
Dave Little, Mudnakudu Nandeesha — Aquaculture Without Frontiers

— Feed Requirements Panel —
Hugo Contreras, Cargill Animal Nutrition — Introduction
John Peppel, Cargill — Feed Requirements (Video)
Gustavo Cannavina, Cargill Americas, Inc. — Projected Supply of Grains, Oilseeds for Aquafeeds (Video)
Jonathan Shepherd, International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation — Responsible Marine Ingredients for Aquaculture (Video)
David Kaluzny, World Renderers Organization — Supply of Animal Protein Meals/Fats (Video)

— Special Presentations —
Michael Cremer, U.S. Soy Export Council — Innovations in Soy for Aquaculture (Video)
Alf-­Helge Aarskog, Marine Harvest — Sustainable Seafood: The Marine Harvest Way (Video)
Trace Register — Traceability
Michael Cremer, U.S. Soy Export Council — Global Soy in Aquaculture
Angel Rubio, Urner Barry — U.S. Seafood Trends (Spanish)

DAY 3 — November 9

— Marketing Sessions —
Peter Redmond, Global Seafood Alliance — Introduction
Albert Zeufack, World Bank, Khazanah Nasional Bhd. — Keynote Address: Role of Seafood Buyers in Sustainable Aquaculture Development (Video)

— Market Panel 1 —
Eric Bernard, RNO Seafood Gastronomy (Video 1 | Video 2)
Lee French, Price Chopper (Video 1 | Video 2)
Bea James, Lunds and Byerly’s (Video)
Terry Mitchell, Meijer
(Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3)

Howard Johnson, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership — Aquaculture Metrics (Video)

— Market Panel 2 —
Roger Bing, Darden (Video)
Ricardo Grunwald, Multiexport Foods – Chile
Jorge Hernandez, U.S. Foodservice – USA (Video 1 | Video 2)
Jeff Sedacca, Pacific Andes

— Market Panel 3 —
Robert Fields, Sam’s Club
Mike Loftus, Raley’s (Video)
George Parmenter, Hannaford Bros. (Video)
Carl Salamone, Wegmans Food Markets

John Galiher, Preferred Freezer Services — China’s Domestic Seafood Market (Video 1 | Video 2)

John Connelly, National Fisheries Institute — Closing Remarks (Video)