October 17-20 — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

DAY 1 — October 18

Wally Stevens, Global Seafood Alliance — Opening Remarks (Video)
Dato’ Ahmad Sabki Mahmood, Ministry of Fisheries Malaysia — Welcome Address
Y. B. Dato’ Wira Mohd Johari Bin Baharum, Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Malaysia — Welcome Address
Albert Zeufack, World Bank, Khazanah Nasional Bhd. — Keynote Address: Shifting Economic Power and Impacts on Seafood Demand (Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3)

— Production Data —
Jim Anderson, University of Rhode Island — Shrimp Production Review (Video)
Ragnar Tveteras, University of Stavanger — Fish Production Review (Video)
George Chamberlain, Global Seafood Alliance — Accelerating Aquaculture Production
Robins McIntosh, C.P. Group — Increasing Aquaculture Productivity: Shrimp (Video)
Nguyen Van Hao, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development — Pangasius Industry in Vietnam (Video 1 | Video 2)
Kevin Fitzsimmons, University of Arizona — Increasing Aquaculture Productivity: Tilapia (Video)
Carlos Massad, Marine Farms Vietnam — Why Farm Marine Fish? (Video)
Rick Doucet, New Brunswick Department of Fisheries — Lobster Stock Enhancement

— Special Presentation —
Laurent Genet, Skretting — New Feeding for New Species (Video)

DAY 2 — October 19

Shahridan Faiez, Blue Archipelago Bhd. — Keynote Address:
Supply and Demand in an Interdependent World (Video 1 | Video 2)

— Issues and Solutions: Certification —
Wally Stevens, Global Seafood Alliance — Certification
Dan Lee, Global Seafood Alliance — BAP Standards Update (Video)
Andrew Jackson, International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation — IFFO Responsible Sourcing Certification (Video)
Jim Heerin, BAP Certification Management — BAP Program Update (Video)
Jeff Peterson, BAP Certification Management — BAP Training in Malaysia (Video)

— Issues and Solutions: Traceability —
Jeff Fort, BAP Certification Management — Traceability (Video)
Ana Hooper, Darden Restaurants — Global Food Safety Traceability (Video)
Phil Werdahl, Trace Register — Traceability Trends and Benefits (Video)

— Issues and Solutions: Carbon Footprint —
David Little, University of Stirling — Carbon Footprint Analysis (Video 1 | Video 2)

— Special Presentation —
Geoff Allan, Industry and Investment NSW — Sustainable Aquaculture Feeds (Video 1 | Video 2)

DAY 3 — October 20

Jonathan Banks, Consultant — Keynote Address: Consumer Insights (Video)

— Market Status —
Peter Redmond, Global Seafood Alliance — Market Status: Retailer Uptake (Video)
Jonathan Banks, Consultant — Europe Outlook
John Sackton, Seafood.com — U.S. Market Issues (Video)
Beth Grant, U.S. Foods — U.S. Distribution Outlook (Video)
Roger Bing, Darden Restaurants — U.S. Foodservice Outlook (Video)
Jeff Sedacca, National Fish & Seafood, Inc. — Retail Supplier Outlook: Shrimp (Video)
Phil Gibson, Safeway — U.S. Retail Market Outlook (Video)

— Emerging Markets —
Peter Redmond, Global Seafood Alliance — Emerging Market Status
Ragnar Tveteras, University of Stavanger — Shifting Seafood Markets (Video)

— China Seafood Panel —
Greg Brown, Seafood Consultant (Video 1 | Video 2)
Chen Dan
Andrew Kaelin
Lucky Lu
Liu Wei
Hai Yun
China’s Domestic Market Affects Aquaculture

Joe Zhou, Darden Restaurants — Closing Remarks (Video)