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Episode Six – The Diver

The last GAA Film, The Diver, follows the story of a sea urchin diver as he navigates family, a changing climate and the seafood industry at the southernmost point of Chile, in the Magallanes region.

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Episode Five - A Different Light

This film celebrates the imperative interaction between conservation and shrimp farming in one of the world’s last deeply wild places. Follow Rosida, a heritage shrimp farmer, and her daughter Aanisah through their network of farms along the Mahakam Delta in Borneo, Indonesia. Here they aim to undo the damage caused by industry in years past, and delve into the protection of rich orangutan forests for their home’s future.

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Episode Four - Aloha for This Place

Follow the lives of three young fish farmers living on the Big Island of Hawaii. Their lives are full of outdoor adventure, science, and exploration, but what does "being Hawaiian" mean to these non-native residents and how does farming fish for their respective companies affect their interaction with this place? The fragile, natural balance of Hawaii's most rugged island will ultimately depend on its residents' connection to it.

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Episode Three - Hibernia and The Bay

On one stunning Irish bay that flows to meet the Celtic Sea, you'll find five siblings farming Europe's most highly prized oysters. Ireland was coined "Hibernia" by the Romans, meaning "Winter", and is known not only for its mythology but for the fight of its people and an ethereal connectedness to nature. These things run strong in the Harty Family.

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Episode Two – A Jump Across the Atlantic

The de Koning family immigrated from Holland to farm mussels in Maine with the same techniques they've been using for seven generations. Their success depends on the heartiness of their crew and the conservation of the rugged Maine coastline they've made their home.

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Episode One – Where There Is Trout

In rural Mexico, Citlali Gomez is running a trout and bullfrog farm started by her mother. To Citlali, the farm is more than a job, it’s a way for her and her family to battle the pressures of deforestation happening right in their backyard.