GOAL 2021 Speakers

These hand-picked speakers are part of a carefully curated conference program assembled by GSA each year. This year’s GOAL conference features a series of monthly virtual events from April to November.


Árni Mathiesen

Senior Advisor, Iceland Ocean Cluster

Gorjan Nikolik

Senior Analyst, Rabobank

Ragnar Nystøyl

Head of Analysis, Kontali Analyse AS

James Anderson

Professor, University of Florida

Travis Larkin

The Seafood Exchange

Vidar Gundersen

Global Sustainability Director, BioMar

Tordis Poulsen

Group Sustainability Director, Bakkafrost

Ed Rudberg

CEO, Nucleic Sensing Systems

Aaron Pannell

Owner, FlipFarm Systems

Pablo Berner

Aquaculture Lead-Chile, Nuseed

Robert Christensen

Director, Investment Banking, DNB Markets

Freyr Thordarson

Senior VP, Seafood, DNB

Per Heggelund

Strategic Advisor, Global Seafood Alliance

Jorge Díaz


James Fox Davies

Director, Chair, Three-Sixty Aquaculture, Aquaculture Leadership Group-England

Enno Fricke

Scientific Associate, Alfred Wegener Institute

Vanessa Fuchs

Research Associate, Alfred Wegener Institute

Chris Haacke

Global Aquaculture Lead, Corbion

Piers Hart

Global Lead for Aquaculture, World Wildlife Fund

Aisla Jones

Fisheries & Aquaculture Manager, The Co-op

Dan Lee

BAP Standards Coordinator/Program Integrity Advisor, Global Seafood Alliance

Clément Ray

Co-Founder and CEO, InnovaFeed

Gert le Roux

Aquaculture & Fisheries Specialist, Woolworths South Africa

Libby Woodhatch

Executive Chair, MarinTrust

Rowan Yearsley

Managing Diretor, Marifeed

Iain Shone

Director of Market Development - EU, Global Seafood Alliance

Oyumaa de Jong


David Hine

Land & Water Management Pty. Ltd.

Erik Ianssen

Selfa Arctic AS

Richard Newton

University of Stirling

Dave Robb

Sustainability Director, Cargill Aqua Nutrition

George Chamberlain

President, Global Seafood Alliance

Tracy Cambridge

Thai Union Group

Nigel Edwards

Hilton Food Group

Yemi Oloruntuyi

Marine Stewardship Council

Huw Thomas

3 Pillars Seafood Ltd.

Melanie Siggs

Director of Strategic Engagements, Global Seafood Alliance

Linda Cornish

President, Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Paul Doremus

Chief of Strategy & Operations, NOAA Lead for Seafood Production & Aquaculture, NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service

Kim Galeaz

Nutritionist, Food & Agriculture Advocacy Consultant, Galeaz Food & Nutrition Communications

Margaret Henderson

Director of Corporate Partnerships, Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Tan Hongxin

Dean of College of Fisheries and Life Science / Chief Scientist, Shanghai Ocean University / Dingdong Maicai

Jemma McCowan

General Manager of Brands and Sustainability, New Zealand King Salmon Co. Ltd.

Angelina Liu

Hainan Xiangtai Fishery Co. Ltd.

Jessica Miller

Nutrition Communications Manager, Seafood Nutrition Partnership

Jim Motos

Senior Vice President, Consumer Brands Division, Rich Products Corp.

Tommy Sekiguchi

General Manager-Aquaculture & Nutrition Department, Mitsui & Co. Ltd.

Mike Berthet

Market Development - UK, Global Seafood Alliance

Steve Hart

Vice President of Market Development - Asia, Oceania, UK & EU, Global Seafood Alliance

Damon Colella

Director of Procurement and Merchandising, FultonFishMarket.com

Matt Craze

Founder, Spheric Research

Abbas Lalljee

CEO, Reach Food Service

Will Rash

Managing Director, The Big Prawn Co. Ltd.

Justin Turner

Category Manager, Hannaford Supermarkets

Molly Jacques

Vice President of Market Development Operations, Global Seafood Alliance

Tony Fadell

Investor, Entrepreneur, Future Shape

Chelsea Andrews

General Manager, APAC XpertSea

Tony Chen

CEO, Manolin

Evan Hall

CEO & Co-Founder, Wittaya Aqua

Carsten Krome

Managing Partner, Hatch Blue

Amy Novogratz

Managing Partner, Aqua-Spark

Katarzyna Pala

CEO, Fish Farm Solutions

Nathan Pyne-Carter

CEO, Ace Aquatec

Ben Renquist

Founder, Genetirate

Rajamanohar Somasundaram

Co-Founder and CEO, AquaConnect

Matthew Tebeau

COO, Proteon Pharmaceuticals

James Wright

Editorial Manager, Global Seafood Alliance

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