Continental Breakfast

Continental Breakfast7:30 am to 8:30 am

Join us for a continental breakfast in the Spanish Foyer of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, located just outside of the Spanish Ballroom where the Day 3 plenary will take place. The breakfast is sponsored by Corbion.


Plenary Session 5 | Raising the Bar: How Advancements in Open-Ocean Farming Technology, Animal Welfare and Smallholder Engagement Are Improving Aquaculture’s Sustainability Profile

Introduction8:30 am to 8:35 am

The Day 2 plenary, which takes place in the Spanish Ballroom of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, kicks off with an introduction from Global Seafood Alliance President and Founder George Chamberlain. This session will feature presentations on the rapid technological advances in open-ocean salmon farming in Norway, which are overcoming challenges of fully exposed ocean environments to reap the benefits of reduced disease, greater productivity and improved sustainability, as well as presentations on advancements in the humane slaughter of tilapia, a new tool to identify the most efficacious stunning systems, new insights on reducing seafood waste and bycatch, efforts to increase product quality, and efforts to increase financial benefits to cooperatives with sustainable fishing practices. Finally, this session will provide updates on efforts to engage with smallholder fishers and farmers, who dominate global seafood production, through improvement programs.

  • Moderator:  George Chamberlain Global Seafood Alliance
Presenatation: Use of Bacteriophages as a Safe, Natural Alternative to Control Pathogenic Vibrios in Aquaculture8:35 am to 8:55 am
  • Speaker:  C.R. Subhashini Aristogene Biosciences
Presentation: Use of Selective Breeding to Develop Shrimp Populations Highly Resistant to Disease in Guatemala8:55 am to 9:15 am
  • Speaker:  Alexander Debeausset Mayasal S.A.
Presentation: Sustainable Offshore Salmon Aquaculture in Norway9:15 am to 9:35 am
  • Speaker:  Matthew Coffay Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
Presentation: New Standards for Addressing Animal Health and Welfare, Energy Use and Water Use in Large-Scale RAS Systems9:35 am to 9:55 am
  • Speaker:  Justin Henry Henry Aquaculture Consult Inc.
Presentation: Summary of TCRS Animal Welfare Project9:55 am to 10:10 am
  • Speaker:  Chris Weeks Global Seafood Alliance
Presentation: Use of Non-Invasive EEG to Measure Brainwaves of Fish as Indicators of Insensibility for Humane Slaughter10:10 am to 10:25 am
  • Speaker:  Albin Gräns Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Coffee & Tea Break

Coffee & Tea Break10:25 am to 10:45 am

Join us for coffee and tea in the Spanish Foyer of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. The Coffee & Tea Break is sponsored by Sunnyvale Seafood.

Guolian Sunnyvale logo

Plenary Session 5 (Cont.) | Raising the Bar: How Advancements in Open-Ocean Farming Technology, Animal Welfare and Smallholder Engagement Are Improving Aquaculture’s Sustainability Profile

Presentation: History and Future of Alaska’s Salmon Hatchery Program10:45 am to 11:05 am
  • Speaker:  Tommy Sheridan Sheridan Consulting LLC
Presentation: Quantifying and Reducing Resource Use and Food Waste in the U.S. Seafood Supply Chain11:05 am to 11:25 am
  • Speaker:  Dave Love Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
Presentation: Revitalizing Smallholder Black Tiger Shrimp Farming in Asia11:25 am to 11:45 am
  • Speaker:  George Chamberlain Global Seafood Alliance
Panel Discussion: Fisheries & Aquaculture Improvement Projects11:45 am to 12:20 am
  • Speaker:  Corey Peet Postelsia
  • Speaker:  Cormac O'Sullivan Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Speaker:  Heather Sadusky Sustainable Fisheries Partnership
  • Speaker:  Shri. D V Swamy IAS India's Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA)
  • Speaker:  Kim Thanh Kim Delta Vietnam
  • Speaker:  Bob Yudovin Harvest Meat Company/Sherwood Foods
  • Moderator:  George Chamberlain Global Seafood Alliance

Welcome to GOAL 2023

Welcome to GOAL 202312:20 pm to 12:30 pm

Susan Farquharson, executive director of Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association, welcomes all to GOAL 2023 in Saint John, New Brunswick.

  • Speaker:  Susan Farquharson Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association


Lunch1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Join us for a plated lunch in The Garden of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Lunch is sponsored by Devi Fisheries.

Devi Fisheries