Point: There are no essential ingredients in aquaculture feeds

Kevin Fitzsimmons, leader of the F3 (fish-free feed) Challenge, says aquaculture may currently depend on fishmeal and fish oil, but farmed fish do not. 

Tilapia aquaculture in Saudi Arabia
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Tilapia aquaculture in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a growing aquaculture industry that farms mainly tilapia, but also shrimp, grouper, sea bream, rabbitfish and mullet. Although aquaculture is a major source of supply for fresh fish, it has not grown fast enough to meet the country’s growing demand. 

Tilapia evolution
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Tilapia evolution

Tilapia has aptly been called the “aquatic chicken,” a description that has become more accurate as time goes by. It is now the most widely cultured fish on the planet.